Steps To Buy Chicago Condos, Mansions & More

How It Works

1) Hire us by signing your exclusive buyer broker agreement.

2) Tour your favorite properties with us at your side.

3) We run our HK Value Analysis and negotiate a smarter offer.

4) Close and get your keys.

What We Do

Maximizing your wealth is our top priority.  Beyond showing kitchens and bathrooms, what we do differently over the competition is we legitimately underwrite assets using the HK Value Analysis method.  It's an appraisal method which uses three pricing methods to cross-check residential property value so that you can be sure you're not overpaying for the property.  The typical broker analysis merely relies on the "sales comps" to justify home values.  Sales comps is only a quarter of what we look at here.  With the help of our Wall Street level tools, we're able to compare property prices to truly uncover if a home is undervalued, overvalued or fairly priced.

What It Costs

The cost of everything is three (3%) the purchase price.  But the good news is you don’t pay that up-front.  Actually, the seller pays it because the payment is built into the seller’s sale's price: and is therefore, a commission paid (as an economic adjustment) off the seller's total. So in real life, the cost for our service is free, unless and until a closing occurs. Here's what's included: the property tours, the ongoing underwriting to uncover price value, scrubbing your final decisions thru our reliable HK Value Analysis tools, positioning and negotiating your offer with sellers, handling the paperwork alongside your attorney thru closing (as well as post-closing follow-up), and overseeing that your transaction safely makes its way to the closing table.

If you're ready to search smart, and buy even smarter, get started buying a Chicago luxury property now...

Client Comments

  • Peace of mind!  That is what HK Luxury Realty inherently provides to its clients through diligence and preparedness. Harry is versatile, adaptable and has the ability to tailor his approach to client needs, even with every curveball thrown his way. True passion without a doubt, which is why we let go of the wheel and trusted Harry to be our compass when coursing through our real estate needs.
    Bill & Kathy V., Client Bill & Kathy V., Client
  • Before working with Harry, I had worked 3 other people and organizations that warranted no movement or forward progress.  Harry was able to not only get the ball rolling, but able to complete the process for me flawlessly.  What is important to note is the level of integrity and honesty and knowledge Harry brings when working on a case.
    Jimmy B., Client Jimmy B., Client