How to buy Chicago luxury real estate when home prices are really skyrocketing?

Warning!  The traditional real estate agent property report quietly exposes you to lose money. So I created a new analysis method which guarantees you'll always look good among your peers, even when home prices are really skyrocketing.  I call it the HK Value Analysis.  Why has it been able to save my clients thousands of dollars?


  • Because it's the only method on the market for property buyers to cross-check home prices against three proven pricing metrics, which means you'll know if you're overpaying, underpaying or getting a fair price... all without you lifting a finger
  • Because it uses exclusive Wall Street level tools which act like x-ray vision when comparing home estimates, so you can pin-point and avoid the hidden financial land mines that others fatally step on
  • Because it mathematically justifies the intrinsic value of a property so you can halt costly emotion buying dead in it's tracks

View this little video and within 20-minutes you'll be smarter than 99.9% of real estate agents.

Client Comments

  • Peace of mind!  That is what HK Luxury Realty inherently provides to its clients through diligence and preparedness. Harry is versatile, adaptable and has the ability to tailor his approach to client needs, even with every curveball thrown his way. True passion without a doubt, which is why we let go of the wheel and trusted Harry to be our compass when coursing through our real estate needs.
    Bill & Kathy V., Client Bill & Kathy V., Client
  • Before working with Harry, I had worked 3 other people and organizations that warranted no movement or forward progress.  Harry was able to not only get the ball rolling, but able to complete the process for me flawlessly.  What is important to note is the level of integrity and honesty and knowledge Harry brings when working on a case.
    Jimmy B., Client Jimmy B., Client